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Monday – Saturday 8 a.m.-6 p.m.
No Appointment Necessary
Same-Day Service Available
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Brakes & Mufflers

Who has Union City trusted for all of their automotive service and repair needs for the last 18 years? If you guessed American Automotive of Fremont, you’d be correct! Our customers can’t deny how helpful all 30 years of our experience has been. We’ve masterfully handled countless maintenances and repairs on any type of Domestic or Foreign vehicle you can think of. When we brought those skills here, the community instantly accepted us with open arms.


It’s likely because we are the true definition of a Full Service Automotive Repair business. You name it, we can fix it. That’s correct, it doesn’t matter what make or model you’re driving around town- we don’t even care what year it was manufactured- bring it to us, vintage or fresh off the lot and our team of mechanic superstars will help you out.

Tell us what you think.

When looking to American Automotive of Fremont to handle your needs, there are a few things you can expect, regardless of what they may be.


  1. A FREE Estimate– we won’t charge you to take a look at your car and tell you what needs to be done.
  2. A FREE Brake Inspection– We put the “guaranteed” in brake repair servicing. Bring your car to the professionals to make sure every time you start your car you and everyone around you remain safe at all times.
  3. A FREE Shuttle – We provide our very own transportation service that will take you wherever you need to go within a 5 mile radius.


That last guarantee is particularly convenient because we know automotive servicing can be an all-day event- with any other business but us. We’ve created a flawless system for effectively inspecting, servicing, and returning your vehicle without dragging the process along.

American Automotive of Fremont offers you Same Day Service and with No Appointment Needed. If you’re cruising through the city and happen to notice a warning light pop up on the dash, swing past the shop and we’ll check it out for you.


Some may choose to let these little warnings remain unattended for fear of a hefty automotive repair bill. Fear no longer. We are independently operated and independently owned. We don’t have to hike up our rates just to meet overbearing franchise fees. Our team of skill automotive professionals will service your vehicle with the best quality products and parts on the market without putting a dent in your wallet.


In fact, if you come to us with a lower quote from one of our competitors, we’ll beat their rate right on the spot. We always overproduce and we refuse to be undersold. It’s all a part of the way we’ve become the automotive service company you know and love.