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Our Services

  • Auto Diagnostic
  • Auto Diagnostic Service
  • Auto Diagnostic Test
  • Auto Repair
  • Auto Repair Garage
  • Auto Repair Service
  • Auto Repair Shops
  • Auto Service
  • Auto Maintenance
  • Auto Mechanic
  • Automobile Diagnostic
  • Automobile Diagnostic Service
  • Automobile Repairs
  • Automobile Repair Service
  • Automobile Repair Shop
  • Automotive Repair
  • Automotive Repair Services
  • Brake Repairs
  • Brake Repair Services
  • Car Diagnostic
  • Car Diagnostic Service
  • Car Repairs
  • Car Repair Service
  • Car Repair Shop
  • Domestic Car Repair
  • Foreign Car Repair
  • Muffler Repairs
  • Muffler Repair Shop
  • Muffler Replacement
  • Muffler Shop
  • Oil Change
  • Transmission Repairs

Service Hours

Monday – Saturday 8 a.m.-6 p.m.
No Appointment Necessary
Same-Day Service Available
Dealer and Fleet Discounts!


Auto Service and Repair

At American Automotive of Fremont, quality, skill, and professionalism go hand in hand. We’ve been servicing Newark for the last 18 years. Today, we’re putting all 30+ years of our company’s experience into the way we maintain your vehicles.


Over the years, our name has become synonymous with the best automotive service in the industry. Customers travel from near and far to have our team of qualified mechanics and technicians inspect and repair their vehicles.


As a Full Service automotive business, there is no limit to what we can do to keep your vehicle up and running. We provide a wide variety of routine maintenance and inspections to every make and model of Foreign or Domestic vehicles.

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All of our services are backed by our very own guarantee. What does that mean?


  • FREE Estimates
  • FREE Brake Inspections
  • FREE Local Shuttle Transportation within a 5 mile radius


All Guaranteed 7 days a week. You can stop by the shop at any time, there are No Appointments required. Visit our business for a prime example of what premiere automotive service looks like.


Independently owned and operated, we bring extra savings to you whenever possible. Even with some of the most competitive rates you can find, if you see another automotive shop advertising a lower price, bring it to us and we’ll beat them without a second thought.


Don’t let the unbeatable prices mislead you. Our business is AES certified and our team is full of the most skilled and experienced mechanics and technicians you can find.

American Automotive of Fremont operates like a well-oiled machine. We get our customers in, inspected, serviced, and on their way. Each vehicle that leaves our hands is sent off with the confidence that it has been treated with the highest quality parts and products, leaving you with long lasting results.


Cars, vans, trucks- even SUVs and RVs- if it has wheels, we are trained to take care of all of your needs. Our doors are even open to dealerships and fleet owners. (Ask about our discounts when you give us a call!)


Doesn’t matter if your vehicle is Domestic or Foreign, you won’t find another mechanic to take better care of it. As a full service provider, American Automotive of Fremont can translate any issue your vehicle may have from the front end to the back bumper and every nook & cranny in between.


Contact one of our friendly, knowledgeable staff members to learn more about our services. If your schedule is too busy to give us a call, don’t be afraid to just stop by the shop. We’re waiting for you!