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    Car Repair Shop

    Auto Repair Services Fremont

    American Automotive of Fremont is your one-stop-shop when your vehicle needs brakes repair. We are a team of fully trained and certified brake experts and all of the work that we do on your vehicle is fully guaranteed. When you hear grating and chatter when you press down on the brake peddle, it’s past time to have your brakes repaired. That noise is the destruction of your vehicle’s rotors or drums. If you hear brake noise, bring your vehicle into our auto repair garage for a full brake inspection. We also recommend that you have your brakes inspected at least annually and preferably as often as you rotate the tires.


    When it comes to car repairs, especially brake repair, early detection of worn brakes helps to save you the expense of having to buy new rotors or drums. We are your complete auto repair service center and no appointment is necessary. Call us today at 510-794-7222 if you have any questions regarding your vehicle.

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